One Part Water, One Part Gravity

Today I’m going to show you some more photos from my hike with my buddy from a few weekends back. My favorite is shown below and it is the current background of my blog.

Ozark waterfall by TritoneParadox

Here are the steps to take a photo like this: First, place your camera in front of some moving water and set up your tripod nice and stable like. Next dial in your camera to a shutter speed somewhere between 1/20th of a second and 3 seconds depending on the speed of the water. Meter and take your shot. You will end up with an image like this one. It works on fountains, waterfalls, even my kitchen sink looks cool. Well, not really. But, water will do some cool things for you at a slow shutter speed. I learned this afterwards but if you are shooting in the middle of the day and the sunlight is shinning directly on the waterfall use a neutral density filter to cut down the amount of light without speeding up your shutter speed. This got me at the first waterfall we stopped at. I got some big awesome white fuzzy exposures.

Waterfall 2 by TritoneParadox

Last of the day’s pictures of waterfall, chronologically.

This image came out better than some of the images I took of more impressive waterfalls. I wish it was the Spring already so that the tree on the left would be budding. Its sister waterfall upstream, which will not be pictured, beat me. Physically. Just wore me down. By the time we crawled up that hill behind here I just didn’t care. Took some candid pictures of Tyler under the falls and as we left I flipped it off. It deserved it.

Waterfall 3 by TritoneParadox

Most impressive of the 5 falls we saw that day.

In the book we were using to guide us on our hike, this waterfall had the weakest image of any of the waterfalls that we had seen that day. So when we were getting down to this place, I really expected to take a quick pick and get on our way. We may have spent an entire hour here. It made me stop and realize how awesome hiking can be. This was the place that I had set off to find. A calm quiet place like this. Unfortunately for you, I am an amateur. I ran into what I have heard other photographers talk about. It is a thing much like writer’s block but with taking photos. You have an awesome place in front of you and you just can’t capture it.

We were back behind it on the cliff to the right of the waterfall to start, I walked around, crossed the stream, shimmied up a small cliff face with my camera and tripod in toe, and I just didn’t get what I wanted. I feel like I needed to get a wider angle from where this photo was taken. I think that was the shot I had in my head. I only own a 18-55mm and it’s wide angle 35mm equivalent is 27mm. Just not wide enough. Still pretty, but not what I wanted to compose. And it was back in a secluded place so there was no where else to setup and compose.

Regardless, I am ecstatic with this trip overall. Now I have 2 new expensive hobbies, photography and hiking. In a couple weekends, we will set out again and hit up the Buffalo River and see what we find there. One thing about Arkansas, you don’t run out of interesting things to take pictures of. No matter where you are.

Till later, take care.


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